Hunting Out of State

Hunting in different state can bring many opportunities as well as several challenges.  In today's podcast, we try to help you overcome some of those challenges and share some tips that will help you as you travel out of state to hunt.

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There is a proposed ballot initiative in Oregon that would ban hunting in the state.  There are many people in the state pushing this initiative.  As hunters, we must come together to stop an initiative such as this.  In today's podcast, I chat with Keely Hopkins of the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation about how they are working to stop the initiative.  


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Youtube and Articles

We're starting to ramp up our content on Youtube and wanted to share some things that are going on with those videos.  Also, we touch on some important articles that we think you don't want to miss.  




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Whether you're a die hard archery hunter, or you are wanting to get into archery hunting, these states are some of the best hunting out there.  Let us know your thoughts.  Is there a state that should be on this list, and why? 


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Taxidermy 101

As you prepare to harvest the animal of your dreams, you need to be prepared.  Taxidermy should be on your list of preparations as you get ready for your hunt.  In today's podcast, I sit down with Owen Kimberling, owner of Prairie Ghost Artistry in Gillette, Wyoming.  Owen shares some tips, tactics and answers questions regarding taxidermy.  Especially as it relates to what you should do in the field to prepare for taxidermy.

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Pope & Young Updates

The Pope & Young Club has had some significant changes in the recent past.  To help update everyone on those updates, I chat with Jason Rounsaville, Executive Director of the P&Y Club.  He shares the changes, advancements, and future plans of the club, and these are items you definitely want to know about.  

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Creative Archery Practice

Hunting situations are never perfect, especially with archery.  Being creative in your archery practice can help you be more successful in the field.  In today's podcast, we share some tips on how to be more creative and improve your archery practice.

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Wildlife Photography

Have you ever wanted to get into wildlife photography?  In today's episode, I chat with Cortney Nalley, a long-time wildlife photographer.  He shares some tips and tricks to wildlife photography as well as the best equipment to get into the hobby.

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Logan Bullough didn't start hunting until he was anadult, which is very unique in this industry.  In today's podcast, he shares his insight on how he got into hunting, shares some stories and experiences, and he also shares some valuable insight for those looking to also get into hunting.

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Utah Baiting Updates

We've shared a few articles about the Utah baiting regulations.  However, today I sit down with Wyatt Bubak of the Utah DWR to discuss the details behind the baiting laws.  He shares how this came to be, what it looks like, when you can and cannot bait, and what the consequences are of not abiding by the new regulations.  We hope you enjoy the podcast and find it beneficial.

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