Wyoming has a cool and interesting incentive program to encourage hunters to return their harvest surveys.  In this episode, I talk with Emily Gates and Sara DiRienzo of the Wyoming Game and Fish.  They share the details around the program and give us some cool insights.  

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Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics started off the new year with a huge product launch.  In today's episode, I sit down with Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics to talk about these new products.  If you're looking to get some new gear for 2021, this episode is for you.  Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to the podcast!


The wolf legislation has passed in Colorado.  What now?  On today's podcast, I chat with Randy Hampton of the CPW to answer that question.  Randy shares some great information with us on what the CPW is planning to do next.  Don't forget to subscribe and comment!



On this episode of "Shooting the Bull" with Ehuntr, we discuss the best rifle caliber for big game, all around hunting and small game.  Leave us a comment and let us know what caliber you think is the best.

Elk hunters look for opportunities all across the U.S. to hunt elk.  But what about the National Elk Refuge?  In today's podcast I chat with Cris Dippel, Deputy Refuge Manager, about the details of the hunt.  He shares why they have the hunt, how to apply, and he paints the picture of what the hunt looks like.  Hope you all enjoy!




How Do You Say Coyote?

This episode is going to be very different from our Ehuntr Newscast.  Shooting the bull with Ehuntr is all about having fun and discussing fun topics.  In this episode, we debate the proper way to say coyote.  Give the podcast a listen and let us know how you say coyote.

The poaching numbers in Utah are extremely high, but what are the details behind those numbers?  In today's podcast I chat with Lt. Chad Bettridge of the Utah DWR.  He explains the details behind the high numbers, and he tells how we can help in lowering those numbers.  Don't forget to subscribe and share the podcast!


If you're even thinking about applying to the Wyoming Super Tag, this is the month to do it.  Wyoming has partnered with Gunwerks to sweeten the deal in this year's raffle.  In this podcast I chat with Landon Michaels of Gunwerks, and he explains the bonus raffle associated with the Wyoming Super Tag this year.





Are you looking for more opportunity and access during your Colorado hunts?  In today's podcast, I sit down with Bill de Vergie of the CPW to discuss the new Hunter Reservation System that allows hunters to obtain licenses to hunt on specific private lands throughout the state.  If you have hunted, hunt, or plan to hunt Colorado, you'll want to listen to this episode.




In today's episode, I chat with Randy Hampton of the CPW.  Randy is the Public Information Officer for the NW region.  He shares with us how COVID has and will impact hunting in Colorado in 2020.  

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