Pittman-Robertson Act

The North American Conservation Model that we know and love is under attack.  When the Pittman-Robertson Act was passed, it changed the landscape for conservation.  Hunting and outdoor recreation would look completely different if it weren't for the Pittman-Robertson Act.  Honestly, it may not exist if it weren't for this act.  We as hunters and outdoorsmen have to make a stand at this critical juncture.  



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OnX Maps

Shooting competitive archery can be a fun yet daunting goal, but it's something that a lot of hunters would love to do.  In today's podcast, another good friend of mine drops by to discuss shooting archery competitively.  Tyler Stout is not only an accomplished hunter, but he has also won many archery shoots across the western US.  He shares some tips and tricks that he uses and we get to hear some of his great hunting experiences.  Make sure to follow him on instagram.


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OnX Hunt

Today I'm joined by a good friend of mine.  Trevor Hunt with Pine Creek Outfitters stops by to give an outfitters strategy on scouting and finding big deer and elk.  Trevor shares some great tips and we also share some really fun stories.  Check it out and improve your scouting with tips from Pine Creek Outfitters.


There Is Still Time

There is still time and availability of tags for 2022. If you're looking to still get a big game tag for 2022, they are still out there. Terron discuss what options are out there, talks about Vortex's new products, and talks all things Ehuntr.

E-Scouting with OnX Maps

Today we're joined by Dylan Dowson with OnX maps.  Dylan and I chat about e-scouting with Onx and how to find more animals.  We also talk about what sets OnX apart from other mapping companies as we've seen many new platforms hit the industry.  If you're not an Elite member of Onx, now's the time to become one.  Scouting season is right around the corner.






Spartan Arms

Hunting rifles have evolved significantly over the last decade.  Most hunters are able to shoot at long ranges without much difficulty.  Part of that change is due to the new rifles that are now being produced.  We chat with a custom rifle builder today, Spartan Arms, about their custom rifles.  We also talk about what to look for in a custom rifle, what the best calibers are, and just talk hunting in general.  





Howl For Wildlife

If you follow Ehuntr, you know that we post a lot of articles and podcasts about new legislation being introduced and/or passed.  We always encourage our listeners to take action.  In today's podcast, I sit down with a company that will help hunters do just that.  I chat with Charles at Howl For Wildlife, and we discuss what Howl is, why it was created, and how it can help your voice be heard as a hunter.  Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.  




Okayest Hunter

The Okayest Hunter is a platform built around entertainment and helping hunters get into the outdoors.  Their slogan is, regardless of what a trophy is to you, it's your tag, hunt the way you want to hunt.  Terron was the guest on the Okayest Hunter Podcast, so this is a swapcast that he did with them.  They talk western hunting, Green Bay Packers, and Terron gets quite the surprise.  Check it out!  Also check out the article on our website about the Okayest Hunter.



Mountain Archery Fest

Shooting at a 3D archery shoot is an absolute blast!  If you haven't been to one, now is the time to sign up, and the Mountain Archery Fest is a great option!  In today's podcast, I chat with the CEO of the MAF, Brandon Waddell.  We talk about what MAF is, how it stands out above the rest, archery hunting, getting out on the mountain, and we just have a good time chatting.  Give it a listen and get signed up for a MAF near you.

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Grim Reaper Broadheads

Some of the most lethal broadheads are the Grim Reaper Broadheads. The technology and advancements made to these broadheads allow them to fly straight, penetrate deep, and provide a very ethical kill. In today's podcast, we chat with Matt Bateman of Grim Reaper. He shares what sets them apart, what they have coming up, and why these broadheads are so lethal.

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