Are you looking for more opportunity and access during your Colorado hunts?  In today's podcast, I sit down with Bill de Vergie of the CPW to discuss the new Hunter Reservation System that allows hunters to obtain licenses to hunt on specific private lands throughout the state.  If you have hunted, hunt, or plan to hunt Colorado, you'll want to listen to this episode.

In today's episode, I chat with Randy Hampton of the CPW.  Randy is the Public Information Officer for the NW region.  He shares with us how COVID has and will impact hunting in Colorado in 2020.  

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Canvas Cutter News

Most everyone in the hunting industry has come to know the name Canvas Cutter.  If you haven't, you need to check it out.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Seth and Ben of Canvas Cutter and discuss some big news related to the brand.  We also chat about hunting life in general and catch up with the guys behind the brand.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please subscribe to the podcast and share it around.

There has been big news in the hunting industry regarding the 2020 hunting bows.  On today's podcast, I chat with Garrett Weaver of the On Point podcast about these new bows.  Garrett is extremely knowledgable when it comes to archery equipment, and he shares some great information about these new bows. 

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Missouri has a long history of great hunting, especially when it comes to whitetail deer and turkeys.  Recently, the Department of Conservation has announced that they will be holding their first elk season in 2020.  I was able to chat with Aaron Hildreth, a biologist at the department, about this new season.  Aaron has led the charge with this introduction of elk into Missouri, and is a key player in getting this new season up and running.  If you're an elk hunter, this podcast is for you.

In this podcast, I get to chat again with Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics.  We talk about the new riflescopes that Vortex has released recently, and how they will help you shoot long range.  Mark shares the details around these new scopes, and shares how they will serve you in the field.  If you like this episode, hit that like button.  Also, don't forget to subscribe and share the podcast with those you know.

Guner Womack, a nineteen-year-old from Morrison, Okla. went out the day of October 22nd to try and harvest a buck. Luckily for Womack, a big old buck decided to show himself. His first-ever deer with a bow is a true giant.  In today's podcast I talk to Guner about his new record and the experiences that he had.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and share it with your friends!

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been urged to consider banning hunting competitions. Coyote hunt competitions are specifically in question. In this newscast I visit with Anis Aoude, the Game Division Manager for the DFW, about these hunting bans.  He shares some great information on the reason for the bans and what they'll impact. 

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The Safari Club International (SCI) works on projects all over the world.  One of the projects at the top of their list is the wolf introductions in the western United States.  In today's newscast, I visit with Matt Howell, President of the Four Corners Chapter, about what the SCI is doing to impact these introductions.  Matt shares a lot of great information about the introductions and the impact they could have on hunting.  We also do a giveaway during the podcast, so be sure to check it out!

Many people know Antelope Island for its amazing bison and world class mule deer.  It truly holds some of the best animals in the world.  Included in those species are big horn sheep.  Bighorns have a long history on the island, and in today's podcast, I chat with Jace Taylor of the Utah DWR about the recent transplant they conducted.  Jace is the lead biologist for wild sheep in Utah, and he played a vital role in the release.  The transplant was also conducted and paid for by KUIU!  Huge shoutout to them for making this project possible.  Please subscribe to the podcast and let us know what you think.

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